Life Coaching
What is Life Coaching?
Life coaching is a means by which a trained
professional works with you to recognise
and develop untapped potential by helping you:-

  • evaluate your life situation;
  • identify those needs which are
    not being fully met;
  • set goals which will increase
    satisfaction with life;
  • provide motivation to
    maintain new lifestyle choices.

How can your life coach help
you evaluate your life?

Many people fail to consciously evaluate their
life and examine the extent to which:-

  • they have developed
    as an individual;
  • their various relationships
    have developed;
  • they are moving forward in
    life as opposed to having
    become stagnant.

Your life coach encourages this positive process
as it is a step towards identifying:-

  • those areas of life within which you are
    not fully satisfied;
  • the changes you would like to bring
    about within various areas of life.
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