Counselling Services
Separation, divorce and new family models:
When couples separate it is often important for them to understand why their relationship deteriorated. Once this is achieved they can look to the future.

However whilst these feelings are being processed the input of a counsellor can help to:-

  • enhance feelings of self worth;
  • assist in the grieving process, an integral part of separation;
  • provide practical information about the vulnerabilities frequently experienced at this time;
  • encourage the appropriate development of a new and independent lifestyle goals.

Counselling continues to be of benefit as couples commit to
new relationships and need to:-

  • understand and appreciate each others’ attitudes;
  • establish new relationship guidelines;
  • establish a unique family model in which the needs of
    parents, step parents and children are considered and met.

Parenting skills:-
Whilst rewarding, children can also be challenging and many parents seek supportive counselling to:-

  • validate their own approach to parenting;
  • seek advice on various aspects of parenting;
  • address specific problem areas.

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