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Career Questions
Those people who tend to be the happiest within their work and achieving at the best level are usually those who:-

  • gave adequate thought to their career choice and perceive themselves as being well suited to the area;
  • feel their job meets personal needs eg. variety as opposed to stability/autonomy as opposed to direction;
  • perceive themselves as working towards or having reached a level that utilises their full potential.


Independent Lifestyle Questions:-
These basic questions encourage people to more carefully examine the extent to which they have maintained a personal identity and activities that contribute to quality of their life.

It is surprising that when asked what activities they have that are just for themselves the answer is often “none” and has been so for a long time.

Whilst everyone’s independent lifestyle/leisure needs are different, without them there is major lifestyle imbalance.

This inevitably leads to an increase in stress which can impact upon work performance and comfort within relationships. Life coaching can help you address this problem.

Career Questions

Are you working in an area of your choice?
Yes No

How much work did you put into choosing it?

Do you feel you could have made better career progress, if so how?

Are there factors that either impair your performance or impede your career progress. These factors may relate to skills, interpersonal attitudes coincide in some work situations.

What steps have you taken to enhance your work performance and over come problem situations?

Would you like to remain in your current work area? Yes No

At what level would you like to achieve?

Independent Lifestyle Questions:-

In what leisure activities do your participate?

Do you attempt new activities?
Yes No

Have you developed and maintained social networks? Yes No

What personal stress reduction strategies do you use?

How do you see yourself as caring for you emotionally and physically?

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